The Writing Life

Hello. I am Barbara Kidd Lawing, writer, freelance editor, writing teacher, and performance poet near Charlotte, NC.

See below for details about my Writers Day Camp.

My book, 117 Poems, is available at

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Writers Day Camp
Season 5!

May and June 2018
9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.


The Writers Day Camp is open in May and June, as noted, and at other times of the year by appointment.

A few special events are planned, but most days are reserved for quiet. The site is a country getaway spot, with sites indoors and out providing opportunity for you to write. Payment is by donation (see below). If you wish me to write with you, I will. If you wish me to review your writing, I will.

Visit the Writers Day Camp often. Bring your writer friends—bring a writing group! There is ample parking space.

Click on the Writers Day Camp page above for a calendar of special events.

About Fees:

  • Each time you come to the Writers Day Camp, please drop a donation in the box to support this venture.
  • Special events usually have a fee attached.
  • Private editing sessions at the day camp are available by appointment.

The Writers Day Camp is dedicated to the memory of Laura S. Moore. Laura got her start at writing material for performance as a member of my Perpendicular Poets group. She was a natural humorist who delighted audiences—though in the beginning she was convinced she could not stand in front of an audience and speak. Her book – A Rock Skipping Out to the World – is available at the Day Camp and

I look forward to seeing you at the Writers Day Camp! Come as often as you can.


"You really know this stuff, don't you?" - email client in Massachusetts, fiction writer

"Wonderful, wonderful. I am really getting excited. I was dreaming about being so thankful that you are in my life and in this project!"
- author of nonfiction ms. now in the hands of an agent

"Thanks so much for your last look. I appreciate your seeing all the things I miss and being a cheerleader when I need one!" - poet preparing poems for a book

"Thanks for being a great editor. Hope I can keep you to the end." - author of book of memoirs about WWII experiences

"There are so many things I want to write about, and now I have a better understanding as to how to go about it. Thank you." - creative writing student

"Barbara, just wanted to thank you. When I couldn't see what to do next, you helped me proceed." - author of mystery novel published 2002

"We couldn't have done the book without you." - husband, of husband/wife team that co-authored a nonfiction book