Writers Day Camp May/June 2018

Want to write with me? Letís do it.
Want to bring some friends and write with them? Good idea!

The day camp is open to those who like to write. There are many ideal spots here for relaxing and writing: overlooking trees or pasture, private rooms, patio, screened porch, the old barnís breezeway.

A major objective with these weeks of day camp is to encourage writers, because the art of putting words to the page aids us in discovering who we are, year after yearófor weíre always someone new.

Bring a sandwich. Help yourself to a bottle of water from the fridge.

Drop some amount of money in the box on the kitchen counter.

Stay as long as you wish. The camp is open 9:00 to 7:00 Wednesday through Saturday, May and June. This is the campís 5th season.

If I lead the writing circle, we write to prompts. For 30 years Iíve been witness to how spontaneity (writing to a prompt immediately as we hear it) provides a surefire means of tapping our natural flow of language and pulling forth thoughts and ideas. The process helps us discover what we want to say.

In the circle we do not require reading aloud, but most often the magic words that have just flowed onto the page or screen demand to be verbalized. We are tickled pink, canít wait to share!

Not familiar with the freewrite process? Come to the Writers Day Camp. Iíll introduce you.

Or, come and spend all your time alone. Thatís a fine option too.