Editing Service

(Be sure to read below about the bonus plan!)

Do you need an editor? My answer is, "Probably."

On this page you'll find answers to questions about my editing service. If you have other questions, be in touch. 704-576-9386, bklawing@earthlink.net

Why did I say above that you probably need an editor?
Because publishers expect camera-ready manuscripts - manuscripts that are not only punctuated correctly, but also structured for optimal clarity and dynamism.

Even writers for elite magazines and authors of best sellers use editors.

What's a freelance editor?
I am a freelance editor, which means I am not an employee of a publishing house. I work independently, with writers who are preparing manuscripts for publishing - or aiming to take their writing skills to the next level.

'Editing' - what does that mean?
Most of the feedback I give my clients addresses structure, clarity, tone and richness - much more than punctuation and grammar. (Is the work organized in the most dramatic way? Does the momentum lag? Have you focused the manuscript such that you've achieved what you intended? Are there additional ways to build suspense?)

What do I edit?
Anything and everything, but I specialize in fiction. All work is confidential and money-back guaranteed.

Is editing affordable?
You can afford my bonus plan. In most instances I find that a client needs feedback on what to do in the next revision. My trained eye and ear quickly pinpoint which details need to be addressed.

My collaboration with the writer usually proceeds this way (see below for other options): I review the manuscript and schedule a consultation, which - depending on logistics and convenience - is held either in person or by phone. We can work together whether you're 5 miles away or 2500 miles away.

Two points about this bonus plan are worth hooting about:

  1. It's inexpensive
  2. You may ask as many questions as you wish, for the meeting is open-ended - in other words, in-session as long as you ask questions.

Other editing options:
  • I use my red pen to mark up your print copy, making notes about how and why changes are needed.
  • We work via email. I correct your text, or insert notes using a different-size font.
  • Ghostwriting: I turn your rough draft into a ready-to-publish manuscript.
  • Final-edit: When you've completed your revisions, I do the final polish, meaning I doublecheck spelling and punctuation.
  • We collaborate. I help you write your story, or help you transform a rough draft into a salable manuscript.
  • I transcribe your audio-taped story and deliver to you a finished manuscript.

When should you contact me?
Early. If the ms. is a short story or article, be in touch after your first revision. If it's a book ms., be in touch when you've completed a rough draft of about 75 pages. The feedback you get early will help you make the remainder of the writing stronger and clearer - and your characters more real, momentum faster-paced, sensory details richer, etc.

How do you know you can trust me as editor?
I've got a file full of letters of commendation. On the home page I've included some quotes from clients, names withheld. (Remember, all work is confidential - but most of my clients would be glad to speak with you.)

What does editing cost?
If you fit the category above - the writer that needs help in spotting the revisions that need to be tackled - you can afford my feedback. I give you verbal feedback; you make notes. (No need for me to see a book-length manuscript to identify a work's strengths and weaknesses.) The bill usually comes to less than $175. Plan to spend a bit on your writing skills - I guarantee you'll be glad you did. This is my bonus plan, or budget plan.

What's the regular rate?
For a full edit—attention to every detail of your manuscript to take it to the point of ‘ready for publishing’—the rate is $45 per hour for jobs of 20 or fewer hours. A greater number of hours will be necessary if your manuscript needs substantial revision or is full book size, so the rate drops to $40 per hour.

What can you expect from the editing?
My goal is always to see you increase your knowledge. As a result of my edits, you learn more and more how to edit your own work.

(Yes, my goal is to keep "deleting" my clients, one after the other. But that's OK - most clients refer other clients.)

I look forward to hearing from you. I promise to listen carefully - for I know you are unique, so is your writing, so are your editing needs.

704-998-8253, bklawing@att.net