The Writing Life

Hello. I am Barbara Kidd Lawing, writer, freelance editor, writing teacher, and performance poet near Charlotte, NC.

ART DATE—a little gift I’ve planned for you

I’ve set up an Art Date for us – with artist Anne Cowie in Belmont, NC Jan. 24, 2019, from 9:45 – 1:45. (Back up date Jan. 31.) Bring a sandwich for lunch. All else provided.

I am much excited to announce that Ann Cowie, artist/teacher extraordinaire, has agreed to my proposal that I invite along a few of my writer friends—so if possible, take advantage of this opportunity. Join me for a session in her studio. We will make paper art that includes words, perhaps small poems or personal wisdoms – or whatever happens.

We enter the session open to possibilities—and discover our way as we go!

For experienced and non-experienced writers/artists—for our session is not so much about what we end up with as about the experience. We will enter that ‘other’ state where we find the creation making itself.

Ann has a studio full of paper and supplies, so you need bring nothing except yourself and your expectation of joy. I am so looking forward to this opportunity and hope you can join me.

Fee is $40. Checks should be made to Anne Cowie.

Anne and I look forward to creating with you. Register with me and do it early, because we are limiting the session to only a few participants.


"You really know this stuff, don't you?" - email client in Massachusetts, fiction writer

"Wonderful, wonderful. I am really getting excited. I was dreaming about being so thankful that you are in my life and in this project!"
- author of nonfiction ms. now in the hands of an agent

"Thanks so much for your last look. I appreciate your seeing all the things I miss and being a cheerleader when I need one!" - poet preparing poems for a book

"Thanks for being a great editor. Hope I can keep you to the end." - author of book of memoirs about WWII experiences

"There are so many things I want to write about, and now I have a better understanding as to how to go about it. Thank you." - creative writing student

"Barbara, just wanted to thank you. When I couldn't see what to do next, you helped me proceed." - author of mystery novel published 2002

"We couldn't have done the book without you." - husband, of husband/wife team that co-authored a nonfiction book