Two 2018 Weekend Writing Retreats
in NC with Barbara Kidd Lawing


Write Wild at Wildacres!

August 9 - 12, 2018 (three nights)

Wildacres Retreat Center


Come to this divine mountaintop retreat center to write!
Write quickly to prompts. Rejoice as you turn out fiction, memoir, nonfiction, poems, comic book script or other, your choice.
Get writing tips and feedback.
Leader is Barbara Kidd Lawing, a longtime writing teacher and freelance editor.
Rooms are double occupancy, with additional charge for private room if your sleep habits will disturb a roommate.
If you need a first floor room, inform Barbara.

Total fee $360. To register, send a nonrefundable $50 deposit (a portion of the total) via PayPal or check or money order mailed to Barbara Lawing at 6211 Jim Kidd Rd., Huntersville, NC 28078.
If you wish to contribute to a tip for the cleaning/grounds/food service employees, add it to your check or bring cash and hand it to Barbara.
No cash is to be left in our rooms.
The $360 covers writing sessions, lodging, and meals (Thursday evening - Sunday breakfast).
Meals are wonderful, dining hall beautiful, the whole place welcoming.
We write at a table in the lovely library. There will also be opportunity for you to write while settled in a rocking chair on the patio with a view toward Mt. Mitchell, or in some other spot of choice.
Wildacres is a meditative place, with good energy afloat. Number of participants in the circle is limited, so do not wait too long to reserve your spot in the circle.
Contact Barbara at



Scrutiny Retreat (For Women)
Holden Beach, NC
Nov. 1 to 4, 2018


Write oceanfront!
It will be impossible to go on this retreat and not come away a bit reshaped.
And you don't even have to be "a writer" or "wannabe writer." No one except you will see what you write—and you share aloud only when you wish to do so.
We will put our individual thoughts/voice on the page. Our goal?
If you can scribble in a notebook or type on a laptop, you're a candidate for this unique opportunity.
Barbara has been leading writing retreats at Holden Beach since 1992. This time, the prompts will steer us to close observation of self.

Self-reflection. Life review. These our goals.
In a gorgeous setting, with a view of both sunrise and sunset, we will step aside from the scurry of our usual lives and use writing prompts as a tool for taking a close look at our individual selves.
We will write some responses we do not wish to share - and that's fine.
Other times we will be so excited with our insight that we can't wait to share.
Our aim?
A friendly look at the self, from whichever stage of life we're now living. This retreat is a good fit for women 18 and above. Our goal?
Insight - plus a fresh appreciation of our selves and how we are maintaining our lives.
Come along. Stroll by the sea.
Spend a weekend strolling the beach and writing to prompts that open the door to our Inner Wise One.
Limited to 6 participants. Most of the rooms in the oceanfront home are double occupancy. There are porches upstairs and downstairs, and a pleasant common area.
We each take a bit of food. It becomes communal property.
The modern home is a short stroll from the surf.

Oceanfront, at Holden Beach, NC - a small island south of Wilmington accessed by a bridge our vehicle crosses in a couple of minutes. The island sits at an angle that allows us a view of both sunrise and sunset.
Total fee, $282. The fee covers housing and writing sessions.
To hold your spot, send a $50 nonrefundable deposit to Barbara Lawing.
Make payment via Paypal or send check or money order to Barbara at 6211 Jim Kidd Road, Huntersville, NC.
The deposit is nonrefundable yet is a portion of the total fee.
We carry along sandwich stuff, beverages, cereals, fruit and snacks.
We eat well if each person brings small amounts of food.
Think healthy, no high sugar items.
(We focus better on writing and concentration when we eat better. This is scientific fact. Ask about the year someone brought along a bunch of junk food.)
Saturday evening, we enjoy a feast, so bring along about $20 cash.
Contact Barbara at